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 Dual-Entry For New PerkTasTic

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PostSubject: Dual-Entry For New PerkTasTic   Wed Nov 17, 2010 6:06 am

I figured I'd put this entry in here.

I'm really looking forward to the Perk games. I envision is being a duel location (A-13 / PBO) set up. I've been giving it some thought but want to wait until after the holiday rush at work is out of the way so I can spend an ample amount of time on the Perks so it becomes something special for evryone that participates. Thank you Adam for the post and the Perk section that will help out quite a bit.

I want to keep the points process simple by rounding off all points in increments of 10. (Ie 10, 50, 100 etc) It will be a tiered system as well. Games will also fit into Tiers. An example would be as follows: A Tier 1 Game can only utilize Perks from the Tier 1 one list. Tier 2 games will make use of Tier 1 and 2 Perks. When a Tier 3 game is played all Tier Perks can be used. I'm going to do things just a bit differently this time around. I plan on having around 10-15 Perks ready to go on the Tier 1 list within the next few weeks. Check back under the Perks section to check them out. I haven't forgot about you the player either. You will have a hand in making up Perks as well but why not make it a bit more interesting. Well, I think I have. Might as well get the ball rolling this weekend at PBO. One Perk related game will be on tap. The individuals who comprise the winning team will be able to Create A Perk for the Tier 1 list. As we progress there will be other games where the winners will rewarded with a CAP game for having won that particular game.

Keep in mind the concept of Perks. Make it simple and easy to understand. I will give an example in a few minutes, but first I want to give the set up on how the Perks will be played. Once the perk points start to be accumulated and a Perk game is set, Perks will be taken care of the same way each time. During the Ammo/Up Re-Ammo time period prior to a game. The Ref heading up the Perk game will announce A time that Perks have to be submitted by. Example: Perks Must be handed in within 10 minutes. Your on the clock. Team members should get together and pool points and decide which if any Perks they plan to use and have said Perks ready to hand with point verification to the Game Ref. Once point verification is done and approved your good to go. As soon as one teams Perks are taken care of the next team submits Perks to be verifiend and awarded. After a few times of doing this, it should start to become second nature and things will move along expotentially quicker.

Some Perks from the first time around will no doubt make a return appearence. There were some great ideas and they deserve to be come back and will. However, after thinking about it. Winning is good and so with winning comes the ability to Creat A Perk or CAP. If a Ref says "This a CAP game" then you know up front the winning team will get to Creat A Perk. The other two forms of CAP's will be Skull CAPs (miniature skulls will be put out on the field) find one and you get to Creat A Perk. Mega-Skull (the big skull) It won't be done often but when it's on the field and one team secures it you get to make up a Tier 3 Perk. Not for the feint at heart. Carpet Bombing, Tactical Nuke.....big time stuff. Just keep it within reason. None of the the Imploding Heads where upon utilizing said Perk everyone on the entire team dies because their Heads imploded.

Tier 1 Perks: 10-50 cost range
Tier 2 Perks 50-100 cost range
Tier 3 Perks 100-500 cost range

How to submit a Perk:
Name: Battle Ready (Actual Perk)
Cost: 20 Points
Brief Description: For Every 20 Points spent that many members of the team can start 20 feet further ahead of the spawn point.

On the surface it might not seem like much but what if you were playing Tooth & Nail.....Oh Snap!!!! we have 100 Perks points and five team members and want to start everyone 20 feet further ahead. Pretty cool. It's not hard to make them up. This is designed to get the thought process going. Quite a few games will give you the chance to make up your own. Now you know how to submit yoru idea when the time comes. Make it easy enough for eveyrone to understand and this should go well. I plan on asking about 3-5 people to be part of the voting group. Once a Perk is put forth it will be voted on and final decree will be given on whether it's a pass or is in need of some tweaking. I don't plan on ever taking away someones Perk idea, I just want it to work. I don't think anyone will argure the logic in that.

Like I said, once the Christmas rush at work is out of the way I will start to move full blast on this and it should be pretty cool for everyone that plays. That is my hope and I want to thank Dave/Alpine for letting me take this project on. There may be a couple bumps in the road in the beginging but as most of you know I get organized pretty quick once I get going. I'm going to dual post htis into the Area-13 forum as well.

Just remember takes all of you playing an Honest game to make stuff like this work. Don't short anyone elses good time by not playing within the frame work of the established rules. Thank you to Adam/Leo and Dave/Alpine again.

PS. Don't bust me out for any spelling mistakes. It's late and I'm tired Smile

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Dual-Entry For New PerkTasTic

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