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 Halloween OP 2011 - Angels Versus Demons: The Lion Of God. OP SCHEDULE ADDED!!!!

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{PWNY} Leo


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PostSubject: Halloween OP 2011 - Angels Versus Demons: The Lion Of God. OP SCHEDULE ADDED!!!!   Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:44 pm

Date: October 22nd.

Time: 1 PM.

End time: 10 PM.

Price: $15.00

Place: Area 13. 640 Kelly Farm Road, Newnan, Georgia, 30265.

>>>>Back Story<<<<

The year is 2040. In the wake of the human's near annihilation via nuclear holocaust, a cool breeze sifts through the trees on the Plains of Despair, so named for the unsuccessful negotiations that took place between the world's two leading super powers, China and Saudi Arabia, barely 20 years ago. In that span of 20 years, nothing much in the way of success has been foreseen on Earth; squabbling groups of nomads from varying countries, pitting themselves against one another for meager survival. Such is the human way. Stripped of all dignity and coupled with rampant disease, the human race dwindles; not a strain of hope remains for the masses. Only small groups of those with access to the few remaining Holy Bibles and possess religious fervor retain some belief of redemption, of the everlasting life promised to them towards the end, through the Second Advent. As it does on our Earth, time passes...

The year is 2044. A child is born to a family that is of one of the religious groups. Upon his birth, a voice speaks to the mother, giving her the realization for the child's name. And so, through obedience, she names the child...Areli. More time passes...

The year is 2070. The child is now grown, aged 26. On the eve of his 26th birthday, he has a dream, perchance a vision. He views a battleground, wrought with spindling trees and dusty ground, swirling with dirt. The ground, mixed with blood and rainwater, seems to have many foot prints upon it. The wind, passing ever so gently through the bending trees, touches gracefully on abandoned houses and fortified towers. He is drawn to one particular building, flowing in the breeze with coverings. He steps inside, carefully, cautiously. A voice speaks.
“I have called you here, Areli.”
“What...what do you want? What is all this? What do you want with me?”
“Here, upon this plain, you shall be the savior of the Earth, and the leader of a new people.”
“What...wait a second I am not a leader. I...wait a second. Are you...God?”
“It is quite possible. I do have compassion for all living things, my son.”
Speechless, the man Areli stumbles, backs up into a corner of the building, whimpers, and falls to his knees, closing his eyes...
“Oh dear Lord, what must you have me do? I am at your every whim, and I am your vessel.”
“You will travel many fortnights to this place, called by your people the Plains of Despair,
the very place where the one last effort by your people to reconcile differences, and start anew,

“My Lord, what must I do when I reach this place? What is your will?”
“You will wait. I shall come for thee in the form of my servants. There is a great war coming, one that will decide the fate of your Earth.”
“This war...who will we be fighting, dear Lord?”
“There will be a servant of the dark one, in this very building, waiting for the dark one's servants to come and rescue him. Once you reach this building, you will not speak to him.”
“My Lord, may I ask who is this servant of the dark one, and whom is the dark one?”
“You shall find out in due time, my child. The dark one has many servants. I shall send unto you my own servants to protect thee, and to fight this battle for thee. Only you will have the power to unleash my Holy Daemon. Only you will have the sole decision on the fate of your world.”
Standing up, and with a strong sigh of determination, Areli raises his voice. “I will not fail you, my Lord! I will be strong and unyielding, powerful and invincible in your light!”
“Therefore ye shall be filled with my righteous and holy indignation!”
And with that, Areli felt a strong burning within his chest. A fire, seemingly endless, searing through his body. Light coursed from his fingertips, bellowing out like the rays of the sun. Lifted up from the ground, he feels weightless.
“I will not fail you, my Lord. I will save the world in your name!”
“I know you will not fail me, my child. Fear not, for even in loneliness, I shall be with thee.”

Areli immediately is woken up, shaking and shivering, covered in sweat.
“Mother? Father? Where are you, I have wonderful news! God has spoken to me, I can save us
There was no response. Areli, sensing danger, quickly throws off his covers and runs for his parent's room. They were not in their bed.
“What...what has happened...”
Pulling the covers off of his parent's bed, he notices their clothes, laid neatly out upon the bed, just as if they had been sleeping in them, and their bodies had disappeared.
“The...the rapture...did it happen? Am I alone?”
It was then that Areli remembered God's final words:
“Fear not, for even in loneliness, I shall be with thee.”

Wiping a few tears from his cheeks, Areli pulls the covers back over his parent's clothes, and breathes deep.
“I know what I have to do. I know my purpose in life now. I understand now why I was given a Hebrew name by Him, and why the meaning of my name is...

...the lion of God.”

>>>>Schedule for OP Day<<<<

Game 1

Rescue Areli/your Enchanter. Resurrect at set point. Areli/Enchanter possibly will be held at an enemy establishment, or middle of cracktown. Play until both teams have rescued Areli/Enchanter.

Game 2

Resurrect your Angelic/Demonic Daemon using Areli/Enchanter. There will be spells (Angelic and Demonic) out on the field. Find as many spells as possible. There is 1 sheet of spells for each team. Spells will be listed by Number, 10 spells for each Team can be found, which means 20 sheets of paper on the field. Respawn at basecamp. Zombie base can be fought over for another respawn. Resurrect Angelic/Demonic Daemon via the Book of Life in the middle of crack village. Both teams must get Areli/their Enchanter to the Book of Life and he must read the script fully to resurrect the Angelic/Demonic Daemon. CAN be bunkered. Areli/Enchanter must read script from bunker, cannot move script. Once both teams have resurrected their Angelic/Demonic Daemon, the game is over. Play until both teams have accomplished task. Lunch time.

Game 3

Angelic/Demonic Daemons have free movement...sort of. Chained to Areli/Enchanter by rope. Angelic/Demonic Daemon cannot attack other Angelic/Demonic Daemon, because of forcefield around the other. Can, however, attack other players. Both Team's Areli/Enchanter must read from the Book of Death in the middle of crack village to bring down forcefield surrounding enemy Angelic/Demonic Daemon. CAN be bunkered. However, forcefield takes time to go down. End of game will signify forcefield completely down. Play until both teams have accomplished task.

Game 4

Both Teams must push Areli/their Enchanter and Angelic/Demonic Daemons until they meet up with the enemy Areli/Enchanter and Angelic/Demonic Daemons. Angelic/Demonic Daemons will then fight, using spells. Must kill other Daemon to win the game.

Notes for Players

Must fall back to one bunker behind when they die, and count to 10 to respawn.
Must fully read a spell script in order to pull off a spell. If they decide to use a different spell, they must start over if they wish to go back to the other spell.
Can be killed by enemy fire.
Cannot be killed by enemy Daemon.
Distance for a spell to work is up to Areli/the Enchanter first, the Referee last. The Referee will decide when they are in range. Lengths will be decided based on “rope lengths”.
Only Areli/Enchanter can unfreeze ally who has been frozen by touching them.

Must be chained to Areli/Enchanter at all times.
Is an active Player Referee. Can speak out against cheaters, whiners, etc. Can inform enemy player of a successful spell by his Areli/Enchanter. But cannot speak other than that.
Must listen to Areli/Enchanter, and point at which bunker or player Enchanter is using the spell on.
Is invincible to enemy team's shots. It will do nothing. Only in Game 4 is it vulnerable, and only to the enemy Daemon.
Can only target one target at a time. Listen to Areli/your Enchanter.
Must point at enemy Areli/Enchanter to interrupt spell.

If targeted by a enemy Daemon, you get health points. It is regulated by the enemy Daemon Referee, and the Referee nearby. For every successful hit by a spell, you lose health points. Once your health points reach 0, you are dead and must countdown out loud for 1 minute. After you are done counting down, respawn at Basecamp. You CANNOT be respawned by your ally Daemon. If you are not frozen, you can move to another bunker and the spell will be canceled. You will be informed if you are frozen. Do NOT go against the Referee!


Each team Captain will be given a complete sheet of spells for their Team describing all of the spells in play. They will be given this at the BEGINNING OF THE OP. They will NOT be numbered. The pieces of paper on the field WILL BE numbered. Pieces of paper will be put out after Game 1. Finding the same spell, just of the other team's, does NOT mean you can use it more, or finding a spell of the other team's. It is useless. This means that if you have picked up multiple pages of the SAME NUMBER, the second number will be useless to use, all you've done is stolen the other team's ability to use the spell. Buffs will be given to certain spells whose teams complete the objective from Games 1,2, and 3 first. Your Team will want to accomplish the objectives first, there may be a surprise for a certain game if you do. (MAJOR MASSIVE SUPERDUPER KILLER HINT!!!!) COUGH COUGH NUDGE NUDGE!!!!


How will I be able to determine the length/usage of spells based on their power? Obviously some spells will be weaker than how will I, (and my fellow Referees) be able to regulate that the gameplay is fair based on the strength of the spell? Here is how: Depending on the strength of the spell, it will have either a short script to read (weaker spell) or a long script to read (stronger spell). This will ensure recharge times to be fair. I suggest both teams bring a headlamp, or something with which their Enchanter/Areli can read from if it gets dark. Remember, I may have surprises in store for the Teams who accomplish objectives first, such as buffs (hint hint) so work your hardest and play your best and work together. The buffs you receive could, and probably will, determine who wins the game in the end. You will find out what spells will be used on OP Game Day.

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{PWNY} Leo


Posts : 238
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PostSubject: Re: Halloween OP 2011 - Angels Versus Demons: The Lion Of God. OP SCHEDULE ADDED!!!!   Mon Sep 19, 2011 6:12 pm

OP Schedule for Game Day added.
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{PWNY} Leo


Posts : 238
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Location : LaGrange/Columbus

PostSubject: Re: Halloween OP 2011 - Angels Versus Demons: The Lion Of God. OP SCHEDULE ADDED!!!!   Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:45 am

Start of the OP time changed to 1 PM. There will be a swap meet from 1 PM - 3 PM when the OP starts. This will give people time to socialize/arrive on time.
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{PWNY} Leo


Posts : 238
Join date : 2010-01-27
Location : LaGrange/Columbus

PostSubject: Re: Halloween OP 2011 - Angels Versus Demons: The Lion Of God. OP SCHEDULE ADDED!!!!   Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:13 pm

I hope we get a good turn out, I've calculated at least 12 people I'm hoping for that. I did a lot of planning for this OP, like I always do...just need the people now.
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PostSubject: Re: Halloween OP 2011 - Angels Versus Demons: The Lion Of God. OP SCHEDULE ADDED!!!!   

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Halloween OP 2011 - Angels Versus Demons: The Lion Of God. OP SCHEDULE ADDED!!!!

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