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 Battle for the Fang.

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PostSubject: Battle for the Fang.   Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:49 am

Here is the next OP I got in the wings. Probable March of next year timeline and also at the Ft Benning field. BEHOLD!

OP Battle for the Fang

This will be an overview of not only the backstory of this comming OP, but also of actual gameplay. I have taken this Backstory out of the Warhammer 40k book "Battle of the the Fang" and modified certain elements in order to make it a viable Airsoft game, since we dont have real Space Marines, Dreadnoughts, and Primarchs of the Everlasting Emperor of Mankind at our disposal.


The year is 31k, 1000 years after the end of the Horus Heresey. And a thousand years after the Wolves of Fenris comepletely and utterly destroyed Prospero, the Home world of The Thousand Sons Space Marines. The Primarch of the Wolves, Russ has left the Fang, and his Wolves under the command of Ironhelm, to pursue some great and secret mission only a select few are privy too. Ironhelm has also taken the vast Majority of the forces of the Fang on another mission, to Ganvaga Prime to Finish off what he believes to be the last stand of Magnus the Red. And has left another Second in Command behind, Vaer Greyloc. And at his Command is One single Company of Space Wolves to guard the Fang, along with many other companies of Mortal Soldiers. Among their tasks, are orders to protect what could be the very thing that could continue the lineage of the Wolves for thousands more years: The research that would remove the imperfections with the Space Wolves Gene Seed, which gives them their unique abilities. If that research is lost, the end of the Wolves as a Chapter could be set in stone. Unknown to the Wolves, and to Ironhelm, The Thousand Sons have been preparing to bring destruction to the Wolves doorstep, such as has not been seen since the Horus Heresey. For the years since the destruction of Prospero, Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons, has been plotting His revenge on Russ and his Wolves. He has seen to the construction of the mightiest war machines ever assembled, with one sole purpose. To destroy the
two Mighty gates, Sunfire Gate and Bloodfire Gate that protect the inner circles of the Fang itself. Along with these Mighty machines of death, He has also constucted a Massive army of Sorcerer controlled Rubricae. Mindless, undead spectres whose souls are trapped within their ancient suits of Power Armour. And he will desend upon the Fang with all the revenge of the entire Legion of His Sons. Magnus himself cannot step foot onto the stronghold of the Fang until all the the Phsycic barriers have been brought down by His commanding general on the ground, Herume Aphael. And once these barriers be brought down, Magnus himself will step through the veil that seperates the
mortal realm from the Immaterium with one sole purpose. To destroy what could be the Wolves only hope of existing the next 10,000 years: The Research Book and Vials containing the essence of the cure for the imperfections in the Wolves Gene Seed.


Teams "Should" be split up according to fire power, but this will be decided by Team Captains on game day. After teams are decided, each team will recieve their own briefing from two individual Refs who will be well versed in the rules for the OP. This is simply a tactical call, as there will be some information one team will not want the other to know, and therefore by giving split Mission OP Orders, neither team can develope any type of advantage in the area of intel.When the shooting starts, progression of the Game will be fairly straight forward. There will be actual desinated "Attack and Defend" points, and the objectives will be quite clear.

Game 1: Defend Phsycic Barriers. Length of match 1hr - 1hr 30min. TBD

Its just that simple. There will be barriers placed throughout a certain area in something that will ressemble a half moon. (Amount of barriers, and overall layout will be decided once the field is actually set up) A barrier will consist of (a piece of card board?) with 550 cord run through it at a length of 50 to 100 feet. The attackers objectives will be to move to, and pull the string through until its completely out. The longer the string the longer it will take to pull it out, and therefore I can eliminate the need for a "hold this point for 30 seconds to capture" type deal. Once again the amount of barriers placed will be decided once I do a full recon of where I want my objectives to be on the field. As I stated in the above Backstory, Magnus the Red cannot come through into the mortal plain unless the barriers are down. As he is a boss and will be invincible (that simply means he cant die by mortal hands, by all means shoot the bastard), he will obviously bring a perk to his team if he is allowed to come through, therefore it is in the defenders best interest not to allow this to happen. If however the attackers are successful, Magnus will immediately be allowed through, and will instantly grant the Teleport Respawn ability to one 3-4 man team. If this happens the team captain will hand pick a 3-4 man team, and designate which of them carries the Teleport beacon. Rules for them will be simple, if any of the teamates die, only they can respawn on the Teleport Beacon. However if the person carrying the Beacon dies, the team must do regular respawns until the Beacon Carrier respwans. Now lets talk about what happens if the defenders hold at least 1-3 (depends on how many barriers are in place) of their barriers.They will instantly be granted Bjorn the Fellhanded, a massive Dreadnought that once fought along side Russ in the days before the Heresey. He will have the same invincibility rules as stated above. They will also be granted the Frontline respawn ability. The rules for this are, 1-3 (Also depends on numbers) players will be picked out, each given a "dead rag." If any of the picked players die, they will have a buddy tie their rag in a knot, and will be back in the game. This can happen (3?) times before the players must respawn as normal.

This is the first part, Im tired now, so Ill finish later. Feel free to scrutinize.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Fang.   Fri Oct 28, 2011 6:05 pm

Game 2: Defend the Gates. Length of match 1hr - 1hr 30min. TBD
The secondary defensive line for the Wolves will be marked by two massive Gates: Sunfire Gate and Bloodfire Gate. To make this work the "Gates" will be assembled with very large pieces of Cardboard boxes taped together. And the task for the Attackers is once again very simple and straight forward: Destroy the Gates by using the "Kraken" Airsoft Cannon. In order for the Gates to be considered Destroyed, 8-12 (depends on length of time to reload cannon) holes must be blown through the Cardboard. A Ref will be stationed at each Gate to not only mark each successful hole, but also to retrieve the Cannon Ammo, which will more than likely be Nerf Rockets. Also note that a 2 man team will be required in order to properly operate the Cannon. This task MUST BE COMPLETED in order for the Attackers to pursue the Final goal, which will be to find, and destroy the Research Book and Vials. If the Attackers fail to destroy the Gates, then the attack will be considered fully repelled, and in the final Game, the attackers will become the defenders as the Wolves will leave their defenses behind in order to counter attack and destroy the Thousand Sons once and for all.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Fang.   Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:45 pm

Game 3: If the Attackers prevail - Length of match 1hr - 1hr 30min. TBD
The Wolves will be pushed back to their last line of defense and must protect the Research Book and Vials from enemy hands at all cost. In order to be named victorious, they must hold the line against the enemy forces until the off-world forces of Ironhelm return with the full force of the Space Wolves
Legion. If, however the Thousand Sons prevail and beat back the forces of the Wolves, they will be able to aquire the Research and in turn destroy it forever.

Winning conditions for the Wolves: Hold out for the amount of time it takes for Ironhelms forces to return.

Winning conditions for the Thousand Sons: Break through the defenses and destroy the research before time runs out.

Game 3: If the Defenders prevail - Length of match 1hr - 1hr 30min. TBD
The attackers will have failed to break through Wolves defense line and will have to fall back and regroup to prepare for a Counter Attack by the Wolves.
The Thousand Sons will have set a defensive perimeter around one of several Orbital Defense Cannons, and will attempt to hold the line until Emergency Evac Procedures can be enacted. In order to completely wipe out the Thousand Sons, the Wolves must break through their lines, and Activate the Orbital Defense Cannon. Once activated the Cannon will open fire on the Thousand Sons orbiting fleet, and with enough hits, will destroy the command ship. The "Ship" will be represented by a suspended cardboard box, and once the Wolves reach the Cannon, they will open fire on the Box, and with 3(?) successful hits, it will be considered destroyed.

Winning conditions for the Wolves: Break through the defenses, secure the cannon, and destroy the command ship with 3(?) hits.

Winning conditions for the Thousand Sons: Hold out for the amount of time it takes to be Evacuated.

Alright this is the last part of what I got prepared. Obviously there are a few things I didnt put in there, that wont be relevant till game day. As with any idea I have, its open for scrutiny.
Otherwise, this is what is in stone for game day. And one more thing. If for some freakish reason I am not able to run this OP for reasons already known to the team, anyone else can damn sure run it lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle for the Fang.   

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Battle for the Fang.

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